At our schools, we know how important the early years are in a child’s development. When we care for your child, we have an awesome responsibility. Recent research now reveals that the first three years of life are more critical to a child’s development than we ever imagined. Because this is the time of your child’s most rapid brain development, we have the terrifically important task of helping to build your child’s foundation for lifelong learning.

Care & Security for Your Child

We take on this task with tremendous enthusiasm and dedication. Our infant and toddler caregivers are actually “educarers”, as they carefully blend the responsibility of providing the highest quality care and security to your child, while at the same time offering your child a wealth of learning experiences through everyday activities. Through warm and responsive care, we help shape your child’s future development and ability to learn.

Child Enrichment Program

Our Unique Childhood Enrichment Program is designed to expand both the learning and development opportunities of preschool aged children. Throughout the year, our program works to reinforce and enrich the daily learning experiences of the children in our care. Additionally, cross-disciplinary skills ranging from problem solving and communicating to working in teams will be practiced.

Our age specific approach to childhood enrichment allows us to offer a program that exceeds Arizona’s standards and help preschool aged children build developmental assets-the assets that will allow your child to become a responsible and successful member of society.


Our focus at this age is to provide each baby with individualized care and experiences, which foster their growth and development. The trust developed between each infant and our staff of caregiver educators offers the children at Small Miracles the emotional support necessary to support their initial participation in both shared play and early childhood learning activities.


Increased abilities lead to an intensified and ever more active exploration of their environment when children are between 15 and 24-months. However, as your toddler begins to venture out to discover and learn new things, their need for safe and protected learning environment persists. Here at small miracles, we understand the split of toddler behavior and as we encourage each youngster’s journey of exploration, learning, and independence, we also offer them the reassurance they needs.


A more complex understanding of self, of others, and of how things work influences their thinking and their social interactions. Assertiveness, initiative, and the formation of friendships characterize the preschool years. Here at small miracles, we understand the importance of providing optimal support and guidance to foster each child’s new capabilities and to promote their continued growth and development.

Programs that Work for Your Child

Our preschool enrichment program focuses on the developmental and educational needs of young children-emphasizing school-readiness and fun! Our staff of experienced childhood educators will work daily to infuse habits related to school-readiness as measured by Arizona’s Department of Education. We utilize a personalized, developmentally appropriate and integrated childhood enrichment program, designed to promote and foster lifelong learning habits. Here at Small Miracles believe that a child’s eagerness to learn when combined with an appropriate developmental program can strengthen a child’s love of learning and prepare them for exceptional academic performance.